Wednesday, February 8, 2017


 A prayer shawl is intended to be a reminder of God’s present love, which is as near to you as your own body is to your spirit. It is a gift. For every time and every occasion joyful or sorrowful, For every season and circumstance of life chosen or unchosen When you are weeping or when you are celebrating. Wear it in times of private prayer. Let it rest on your shoulders as you work, play, read, or rest. Wear it to worship. Wear it whenever you are drawn to prayer or when you have no interest in prayer but would like to be reminded of God’s loving presence and care. Incite the Holy Spirit to help you pray. A reading from scripture may begin your prayer. Let your prayer of worship and your prayers for loved ones, for the world, and for yourself flow naturally in silence or aloud, in writing, singing, or drawing. Wear the shawl however you like. Drape it lightly across your shoulders. Wrap yourself tightly in it or wear it on your head. Cover yourself with it as you rest. Keep it on your favorite chair. At times you may cling to a prayer shawl because you are clinging to God; you may not want to be far from it. At other times you will touch it only occasionally. You may want to keep it always; or someday you may feel prompted by God to pass it on to someone else. May you grow in your awareness of God’s blessing

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